Ch. Ponwood’s Fancy Girl

APH/VDH 95.703
Whelped: 14.11.1995
Deceased: 23.05.2011

Ch. Ponwood’s Jim-Jam
Ponwood’s Pancy
Ch. Ponwood’s Paula
Ponwood's Linus, Leevi
Ponwood's Pelle

Coat colour: white/black
HD-Rating: HD C2
DNA tested: ja/yes

Withers: 46 cm
Body length: 53 cm
Body depth: 21 cm
Chest measurement: 59 cm
Head length: 21 cm
Muzzle length: 10 cm
Weight: 15,6 kg
Breeder: Barbara Bruns und Wolfgang Stamp
Owner: Barbara Bruns und Wolfgang Stamp


Int. VDH und APH Champion
VDH Europasiegerin 2000
mehrfache Rassebeste
mehrfache Gruppenplatzierungen
BOB Eukanuba Classic 2001
BOB Eukanuba Classic 2002
BOB Westminster Kennel Club Show 2003
The Number One Polish Lowland Sheepdog All Systems 2002 USA
The first All Breed Best in Show Winning Pon in the USA
Dt. Veteran Champion