The Polski Owczarek Nizinny or PON is a very ancient breed which, however, was not officially recognized until after the 2nd World War. Since 1963 the breed has been recognized internationally.

The PON is a family dog. It needs to be kept occupied and wants to be part of everything. The PON is not suitable for owners who don’t like to keep their dog indoors. This extremely clever, playful and devoted dog needs a firm but loving hand and must be shown who is master. The PON learns very quickly and can be trained to be a very reliable and obedient dog. The PON is distinguished by its well-balanced temperament. It loves going for walks and is a tireless companion.

The PON is an efficient feed utilizer and therefore requires careful feeding and plenty of exercise. The PON is very resistant to diseases. A lot of value has always been placed on healthy hip joints in the APH e.V. and all dogs and bitches have to be x-rayed prior to breeding. The PON has a tough, coarse coat which requires minimal care. Simply brush it through thoroughly once a fortnight and the PON stays clean without regular bathing.